Web Design
As a web designer I have developed a few websites. Here are a few that I have done or are currently working on.
Click on them to visit the websites:
BRHS Variations
In 2014 I created a website to aid in the submissions of Bear River High School's students. BRHS Variations is a publication that teachers and I created to give students the opportunity to be published. This publication ranges from Abstract, Life, Nature, and Portrait genres. It includes Writings, Photographs, Drawings and other types of media. The website featured allowing students to browse already submitted work, and allowing students to view past years published content in form of a PDF. It also allowed students to submit their original work. The submission was set up through PHP and would route their work directly to a Google Drive where we could review it. It also was setup so that the student just had to type their name and a few other details and they didnt have to be signed up or logged in through Google Drive to make it the easiest way possible for the students trying to submit work.
Cycle Fitness
In 2015 I created a website for Cycle Fitness in a competition. It features basic information about bicycles, a calendar when moused over will show more details, trips with info on them when clicked on, and contact info. The website also includes interesting web features such as a header that shrinks as you scroll, and a simple background parallax that is easy on the eyes.
The Momentum Physical Therapy (in progress)
The Momentum PT is a physical therapy place. At the end of December 2017 I was contacted by someone asking to do a simple web page. The website is under construction right now, but the website features a clear introduction to what the business is at the moment the user clicks on the website. It also features simple, bold, and easy to read words, along with a form that will send information about contact details if someone would like to contact him.

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