Matthew Phillips

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Daily 3D
Matthew Phillips designs high quality media tailored for your needs. I can do special requests and help you to have the desired results that you want in your product. On this website there are a few things that I have done that can give you an idea of the things that I do. If you have questions or want to have me help you with your next project please use the contact box below. Thanks!

Blender Know How

Created a Youtube Channel with 70k+ views, consisting of tutorials of how to learn animation.Read more

Went to Nationals

FBLA Competition

Created a video for a competition for a local award. Went to State, then Nationals in Chicago Illinois.

Firefly Film and Video

Created an animation for a "Firefly Film and Video" illustrating the bacteria in the soil.

Filming of Quincenera

Went, filmed and edited a video for a Quincenera.

Contact me and send me information on a project you might have. Also all communications are charge-free!